Sunday, 13 June 2010

Mega Marmora's Hit - 12.6.10

The quickly taken photos of the Marmora's Warbler.

After last weekends dip in South Wales i'd promised to go back if it was still there on the Friday and luckily it was. This time though I left earlier (4.45am!!) and again set off down the M4. Just after 7am I arrived on site and again wastold it was still around. A nervous 20 minute wait was finally rewarded with cracking views of my first ever MARMORA'S WARBLER at it sang from a small Hawthorn bush. Unfortunately it was very mobile and getting a photo was proving tricky. After 40 minutes of on/off viewing it decided to sit in a small Gorse bush just 10ft away to sing and I managed to grab to 2 photos before it flew. They wont win any prizes though!!