Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Hudsonian Whimbrel
With photos appearing on Twitter of what looked like a very good candidate for Hudsonian Whimbrel at Pagham Harbour I had hopes of getting both the Hudsonian waders within 2 months. After a few nail biting few days I finally had a chance to head down for it and in doing so I could brake in my new car! I arrived in good time but while reversing into a space I hit a small wooden post and moved it slightly. Thankfully there was no damage to my new car!! I walked down towards Church Norton picking up a rattling Lesser Whitethroat and joined the gathered crowds. A couple of Whimbrel were added to the year list but after what seemed an eternity but really was only an hour a bird flew out of a ditch and into full view. It was the HUDSONIAN WHIMBREL. The pale more stripy looking head was quite evident as was the brownish underwing and dark rump. I watched it for a further 30 minutes before I had to head home. On the drive home I had the weird sight of a Kingfisher flying ove rthe M25 with a fish in its mouth!

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