Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Back To Norfolk - 31.1.15

This time it wasn't birding I was heading back up to Norfolk for but my step-sisters 18th birthday. I was full of cold and could've just stayed in bed but I'd promised I was going. I took my son up with me and as we had made good time and it was still early I headed up the coast before going to my dads. As we drove up to the windmill at Horsey I spotted 4 Egyptian Geese in a field with many hundreds of Pink-Footed and a few Greylag Geese. I got as far as Waxham Barn before I turned around and headed back and just as we  were passing Brograve Farm I spotted 2 Common Crane flying north in the distance. I got Tom onto them and he said another one for my list! It was then onto my dads where after some lunch I went to bed!

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