Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Chipperfield Firecrest - 25.5.13

To keep my son quiet I took him up to Chipperfield common for a game of football and just as we reached the last house along King's Lane I heard a Firecrest singing from a tree in thee front garden. To make sure I was actually hearing what I thought I was hearing (as i'd not heard or seen one for nearly 2 years!) I played the song of Firecrest on my phone at a volume I thought it couldnt hear. How wrong was I as within a couple of seconds it flew over the road and nearly landed on my head while investigating before it landed in a hedge behind me giving myself and my boy crippling views down to within a foot! That certainly made the day a bit brighter! 2 Red Kite flew over the common during the kickabout.

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