Sunday, 19 May 2013

Down To Margate (to see a DUSKY THRUSH!) - 18.5.13

The Cracking Dusky Thrush

Well someone or something must have read my last post when I wrote that I hope something rare would turn up! Friday night and I was asleep in bed when Carey woke me to say something was beeping! I grabbed the pager off the bed side table and read with squinting eyes that a Dusky Thrush was in Kent for its 3rd day. Looks like i'd be off there in the morning! As it was I awoke around 6am anyway and checked for any news and luckily it was still present. So at 7am I set off and arrived on site just after 8.30am. It had showed 10 minutes earlier but another 20-30 minutes went by before the birder next to me said those magical words. "i've got it"! Sure enough stood motionless in an Ash tree there it was my first ever DUSKY THRUSH. For 15-20 minutes it stood still only moving its head revealing its pale throat. Only the 9th or 10th for Britain depending what you read, it was the first twitchable bird since 1959 so a very much awaited bird for pretty much everyone. Once i've seen a bird it generally disappears the next day and this one was no exception having not been see all day Sunday.

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