Monday, 2 July 2012

Cassiobury Park + SABINE'S GULL!!!

4 camera phone photos of the Sabine's Gull.

Back to work this morning and whilst near the canal 2 Kingfishers were busy chasing each other. Down on the cress beds I noted a pair of Mute Swans and at least 6 cygnets aswell as a BH Gull.

Then at around 11.30am a message came onto my pager telling of a Sabine's Gull at Startops End Reservoir yesterday and not a Little Gull as first reported. Depression sank in thinking that we had all missed the first bird since the great storm of 1987! Amazingly though not long after that message another appeared to say it was still present. Luckily I finish work at 3pm on a Monday so I headed straight over and as I reached the top of the stairs there it was only 30ft away! Over the next hour it sometimes flew past at eye level less than 10ft away. Annoyingly I had left my camera at home and so the photos you see were taken on my phone.

Around this time last year I scored 3 UK ticks in 11 days (Broad-Billed Sandpiper, White-Throated Robin and Roller) and this year i've had 3 county ticks in 19 days (Little Bittern, Spotted Sandpiper and Sabine's Gull). Who says summer birding is quiet?!!

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