Thursday, 14 July 2011

Annoyed William! - 13.7.11

A slow start to day the day rapidly went a bit mad but ended up not as good as i'd hoped for! A report on the Herts bird club had reported 5 Little Owls in the park which means I haven't seen as many juvs as I thought! I only managed 1 today but not everyone can say they go to work and see owls! A couple of LBB Gulls were taking a paddle in the pools before it opened and I finally managed to find a juv Green Woodpecker that was close to one of it's parents. but the best bird of the day was seen just before lunch. I'd been on red alert for a few weeks now after reports of Crossbills in the county so at 11.20 whilst working in the car park I suddenly heard the "glip glip" call of one flying over. I thankfully managed to get my eyes on it as it was flying low West towards the meadow. It flew in but was not seen again. It was just before 11 that the MEGA alert sounded and to my amazement it said there was a Greater Yellowlegs in Northants!! I asked for short notice annual leave but it was turned down. Just aswell as it was re-identified as a Greenshank!!

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