Saturday, 12 September 2009

Mundens Magic - 12.9.09

2 RAF planes overhead, 2 photos of the Redstart. Bit blurry as they were digi-binned using my girlfriends head as a rest!!

My first visit to my old local patch in nearly 2 years was very much worth it with the discovery of a fem/juv Redstart. It was frequenting a hedge just left of the 2nd cattle grid along the main path just before the path becomes private and you have to turn right towards Aldenham. Looking at my old records for the estate its only the 2nd record with the last being a male reported to me in May 1990!

Other highlights were a female Shoveler on the small pool by the pumping station. Again Looking back at the records it becomes only the 8th record following a male from Jan 95- Mar 96, 3 male and a female in Nov 2001 and a pair in Jun 2001.

16 Teal on the same pool, 5 Chiffchaffs and a female Kestrel around the pumping station and at least 12 RN Parakeets ,10 of which were around where the Redstart was. It was trying to show my girlfriend these that I found the Redstart.

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