Sunday, 5 July 2009

Welney WWT - 4.7.09

Adult Caspian Tern. Photo digiscoped using my girlfriends camera phone.

I'd only had my new RBA pager for 2 days so when news broke mid morning on Saturday of a lifer at Welney WWT reserve I was looking forward to hopefully adding it to my UK list. Unfortunately I couldn't leave straight away as my girlfriend was picking up her new car! So around 2pm we set off and were just 19 miles away when news on my pager told me it had just flown off! We stopped off at a petrol station for some food but there was no further news so I made the decision to go home.

25 minutes down the road and the bird was back! So we turned round and arrived on site around 5.20pm. A brisk walk to the hide followed and thankfully it was still on show. There infront of the hide was an adult CASPIAN TERN. I knew it was the biggest tern in the world but I was amazed at how big it actually was and with its carrot for a beak aswell! I managed to get 1 photo but just 5 minutes after laying eyes on it it flew off and wasn't seen again until 9am on the Sunday.

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